Kai Thai

About Kai Thai

Six years ago, I bought a plane ticket to Bangkok, packed my bags, and flew to a destination that would change my own destiny forever. I fell in love with their style of life, the landscapes, the culture, the friendliness of the people – and I was enamoured by the cuisine! When I got back to Spain, I started working at a Thai restaurant. As part of my job, I had the opportunity to travel back and forth between Spain and Thailand in order to purchase products that were not available in Spain. This allowed me to live between two countries (pretty lucky job, right!). My work involved searching for Thai markets to buy the best products while exploring every corner of the country. Over time, I realised that I needed Thailand in my life forever but I wasn’t willing to live so far away from my family in Spain, and so I decided to open my own Thai restaurant in Madrid. It wasn’t easy – but passion, love, and hard work got me there.
Through my Thai contacts, I met Pi Nan, who is an amazing chef – and an even more amazing person! And as it turns out, she was the Head Chef at the restaurant where I first ate Thai food! I took that as a sign! After Pi Nan accepted the position, other Thai friends wanted to join the project – their talents, friendliness, and smiles were essential in recreating authentic Thailand in the Spanish capital.
Everything started taking shape – but I still needed a name for a Thai restaurant in Madrid founded by a Spaniard…. And then I realized – I’ll just translate my last name!
And that’s how Kai Thai was born.
In August 2019, the dream of a Spaniard (with the help of his Thai friends) became a reality when Kai Thai opened its doors for the first time, offering the best Thai food in Madrid.
Through our fresh ingredients, authentic dishes, friendly helpfulness, and the comfortable Thai-inspired design of our restaurant, we hope to communicate the love that we all have for Thailand.
And for me personally, I want to share with you the passion that I have always felt for Thailand from the first time I visited that amazing country.

Sergio Gallinas